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New Ads & More!January 28th, 2021

Hello Great SurfBTC Members!

There has been an increase of member participation, ad submissions,

ads viewed, and we are making more and more payouts! In honor of

you members, any Upgrades, or referral upgrades, we will be gifting

additional cash and gifts. Of course upgrades MUST be purchased

with BTC, Paypal, or CashApp only! Site funds will not qualify. Please

contact us if you would like to make any purchases with CashApp as

bonuses will be added! Thank you so much for being a part of our

great program!


Fine Tuning and News!December 27th, 2020

Hello Members,

If you have encountered the constant logging out issue,

fear no more, it has been corrected! I have added many

new advertisements for you to earn more money per day!

Thank you all!

Note From Staff!

May you all enjoy a safe and wonderful New Years!

Now Paying One Cent Per Referral!December 07th, 2020

Hello Members,

We are now paying one cent per active referral!

Get your referral links and promote away! Enjoy

the super low minimums! Also there are many

cash prizes hidden in the click exchange, as well

as random free upgrades!


Dropping Coinpayments!November 14th, 2020

We have used Coinpayments as a processor for some time.

THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY USELESS! Please do not get involved

with this company! We will only be using Coinbase for any BTC

transactions. If you would like to make any purchases with BTC

please contact us for instructions on how to pay using Coinbase.

Thank you!


Passive Income Upgrades!September 20th, 2020
Hello SurfBTC Members!

The passive income Upgrades are coming soon! This

 investment gives you an Upgraded membership that

does not end until you get 100% to 130% of your

money back! This investment does not require you

click ads, or do any offers, however doing so will only

earn you more cash. This system has been in the

testing stage for over a year and has been very

successful! These investments are averaging

maturity in one to three months, so there is no

agonizing wait to receive payback and profit!

When these Upgrades get added there will be

a better explanation in the forum. Thank you

all, and happy clicking!


Site Error!August 10th, 2020

Some of our great members have reported an error while attempting

to use the paid to click section of our website. I have found that

chrome, and edge are examples of browsers that started causing this

error. The browser Firefox seems to work without hassle. Please let

us know what is working, and not working for you!

Surf Admin

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